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PT. Agung Luhur Primatama provide maintenances services for Cooling Tower and Chiller.
Our services are :
  1. Cooling tower cleaning and maintenances
  2. Cooling tower evaluation and trouble shooting
  3. Chiller cleaning (descaling)
    Our company make special chemicals for cooling water system. We use high grade formulations to provide best quality result.
Our chemical products are :
  1. Scale and corrosion inhibitor
    This is basic chemical for cooling water. It is for controlling corrosion and scaling. We have some formulations base on your feed water conditions and number of cycles in cooling tower.
  2. Scale inhibitor
    This is special formulation chemical for controlling scale problems in cooling tower and chiller. There are different chemical for specific scale problem.
  3. Disinfectant chemical
    This chemical is for killing microorganism in cooling water. We have 2 types of disinfectant : corrosion types and non corrosion types.
We provide total solutions for cooling water system. We can achieve high water efficiency, and clean cooling water system.