Our Latest Projects

Reverse Osmosis
  1. PT. Mizu Health Indonesia. Drinking water factory, using Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange Technology.
  2. Villa UluSegara. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, 100 M3/day
  3. Quick Tractor Jogja. Drinking water Reverse Osmosis, 10 M3/day
  4. BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua. Reverse Osmosis system, 70 M3/day
  5. PT. IntanPariwara Group. Drinking water Reverse Osmosis
  6. Villa ombak hotel. Sea water Reverse Osmosis.


Wastewater Treatment
  1. Hotel Harris Riverside Malang. Sewage Treatment Plant cap 200 M3/day
  2. Hotel Golden Palace Mataram. Sewage Treatment Plant cap 150 M3/day
  3. Hotel Golden Palace Mataram. Upgrading Sewage Treatment Plant from 150 M3/day to 200 M3/day
  4. PT. IntanPariwara Group. Industrial wastewater treatment cap 30 M3/day
  5. PLTU GunungSugih. Wastewater treatment plant cap 120 M3/day


Cooling tower and Reverse Osmosis Maintenances
  1. Lippo mall Yogyakarta.
  2. BIMC Hospital Bali.