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Our Products

Our company has integrated solutions for Reverse Osmosis. We supply chemical for RO operations and trouble shooting, and provide services for trouble shooting.
Our chemical products are :
  1. Scale inhibitor
    Chemical for control scale in the membranes.
  2. Chemical cleaning
    Chemical for cleaning the membranes. We have wide ranges of chemical formulations based on problem in RO system.
  3. Disinfectant chemical
    This is special formulation chemical for controlling microorganism in the membranes
Our services are:
  1. RO monitoring works for preventing the scaling and fouling problems. We use special software to provide detail analysis of scaling and fouling problems.
  2. RO membrane autopsy to check the membrane damages problems.
  3. Membranes replacement works.
  4. Membranes cleaning works.
  5. RO repair works