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Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • AquaPro is a leading edge technology in wastewater treatment. It’s use Activated Sludges biological process to treat Industrial or Domestic wastewater.
  • Aqua Pro is designed specifically for Wastewater Reuse applications, where the effluent quality should be very good & consistent.
  • Aqua Pro can be combined with Ultrafiltration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) to produce fresh water from the wastewater.


Why Choose Aqua Pro ?
  1. Smaller space requirement compare with conventional Extended Aeration.
  2. Very good and consisten effluent quality in term of COD, BOD5 & TSS.
  3. The effluent from AquaPro is ready for reuse options, whether using Ultrafiltration and/or Reverse Osmosis technologies.
  4. Can be used for domestic sewage (like hotels, apartment and hospitals) & Industrial wastewater.
  5. Resistant to shock loading.
Performance of AquaPro for Domestic Wastewater
Performance of AquaPro for Industrial Wastewater
Standard Flow Process Of AquaPro for Organic Removal
1. Solid/Liquid Separation
  • Raw wastewater enter the solid/liquid separation chamber
  • Biological and non biodegradable solid are separated from the wastewater
  • This process reduces Total Suspended Solid up to 40% & BOD5 up to 30%


2. Aerobic Reactor
  • Bacteria colonies transform organic in the wastewater into simple end products (CO2 & H2O)
  • The bacteria reproduces new cell
  • Nitrifier bacteria, will transform ammonia (NH4) into Nitrite (NO2) then to Nitrate (NO3). This process called Nitrification
  • Oxygen continously supply to this reactor to maintain the system keep Aerobic. The DO (dissolved oxygen) level should not drop to less than 1 ppm.


3. Clarifier
  • The bacteria colonies, called Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid (MLSS), is separated from the treated effluent.
  • The treated effluent will go to Treated Water Tank.
  • The bacteria colonies (MLSS) which has been separated, are transferred to Aerobic Reactor to maintain the number of bacteria in the Aerobic Reactor
  • Some portions of the bacteria colonies (MLSS) are drawn from the system, to balance the amount of the bacteria in the system


4. Treated Water Tank
  • Liquid chlorine is injected into this tank, for disinfection purposes
  • The treated effluent is discharged to the sewer, or Recycle for other purposes